E-Learning Module Pfandbrief Act

E-learning is an integral part of the modern approach to learning and further training due to the wide variety of ways in which it can be arranged. Continuous training is necessary in particular because of the speed at which technology is developing and the growth in new bodies of knowledge. E-learning is becoming increasingly important as a result.

The vdpPfandbriefAkademie together with vdp director Dr Otmar Stöcker have developed several e-learning modules explaining the basics of the German Pfandbrief Act (Pfandbriefgesetz).

The modules include the topics:

  • Pfandbriefe as securities
  • Importance of the cover principle & cover register
  • Insolvency of the Pfandbrief issuer
  • Function of the cover pool monitor

Module: The German Pfandbrief Act

The module explains the basics of the German Pfandbrief Act. Topics include Pfandbriefe as securities, the central importance of the cover principle & cover register, and insolvency of the Pfandbrief issuer.

Module: Cover calculation and derivatives

This advanced module explains the provisions of the PfandBG and the PfandBarwertV on nominal and present value cover calculations. In addition, the regulations on further cover assets, liquidity protection and derivatives are explained.

Module: Public-sector cover assets 1 and 2

The two advanced modules build on the basic module. They explain the requirements under which local authority financing (Module 1) and export financing (Module 2) may be used to cover public-sector Pfandbriefe.

Module: The cover pool monitor and the cover register

Each Pfandbrief bank requires an independent cover pool monitor, appointed by BaFin, and at least one deputy. This module provides an overview of the cover pool monitor's role alongside the Pfandbrief bank, his or her legal status, remuneration, and liability.

The modules are available on the right-hand side of this page, in the Download section. They are only available in German at the moment.